Grab a gilet for winter!

The rise and rise of the gilet

Now that winters here it brings with it a vast array of thick winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves and big boots.

Something else that seems to be rising in popularity is the gilet. The gilet is becoming a major fashion piece for a wide range of wearers, from sports persons enjoying the freedom of movement, to every day wearers who love the warmth they prove an excellent choice!

The gilet is very easily worn as it can go over most things as thick or as thin as you want. The big benefit of wearing a gilet is that you could wear a t-shirt under it as opposed to a jumper and you’d still stay warm as the gilet warms the core while as a garment giving you optimum movement and comfort.gilets

Gilets are now available in a huge range of styles, colours and materials so you are spoilt for choice!

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Nike Air Max – 1987 through to 2013

The Nike Air Max Trainers as we know them today was first released some 26 years ago in 1987. Over the years they have been chopped, changed, re-designed and adjusted to form a wide variety of styles under the Nike Air Max banner – but one thing has stayed the same over the years are the signature ‘Swoosh’ and the cushioned heel unit. During the late 90s and early 00s the trainers were adopted by tracksuit bottom wearing guys, or ‘chavs’ as they are more commonly known and the Nike brand in the UK suffered a bit of a dip within the fashion world as these trainers would be snapped up from JD Sports or Sports Direct. In an attempt to bring the Air Max back into the world of fashion, Nike has put together some vibrant re-releases of this classic trainer. The Air Max 1 (1987) and Air Max 90 (1990) are among the key styles of Nike Air Max that are appearing on many fashion orientated websites across the UK. Instead of seeing these trainers matched with tracksuit bottoms or joggers you’ll now see plenty of colours mixing with premium denim from brands such as G Star, Edwin, Levis and Versace.

Released a staggering four times a year Nike trainers are constantly being refreshed and updated with colour combinations and designs launched at ideal points of the year for seasonal trends and buying. You will find the Nike Air Max at a whole host of retailers across the UK, but for the best styles you need to be heading into the expert fashion and footwear retailers as they will offer premium fashion, compared to commercial normality.

Nike Air Max 90 White Grey and Red Nike Air Max 1 Black and Grey Nike Air Max 1 Grey and Purple Nike Air Max 1 White and Red Nike Air Max 90 Grey and Blue Nike Air Max 90 Grey and Pink

If you’re looking to really get into the Nike Air Max history and heritage, and possibly even pick yourself up a pair or two there is an amazing list of highly sought after models / styles according to ‘Nike’s History of Air’. These include:

Air Max I – 1987
Air Stab – 1988
Air Max II (commonly known as Air Max Light) – 1989
Air Max III (commonly known as Air Max 90) – 1990
Air Max IV (commonly known as Air Max BW or Air Max Classic) – 1991
Air Max 180 – 1991
Air Max ST – 1992
Air Max 270 (commonly known as Air Max 93) – 1993
Air Max 2 Charles Barkley 34 (commonly known as Air Max CB 34) – 1994
Air Total Max (commonly known as Air Max 95) – 1995
Air Max 96 – 1996
Air Max 96 II
Air Max 97
Air Max 98
Air Max 98 II
Air Max 99
Air Max Posterize SL
Air Max Deluxe
Air Max 2000
Air Max Plus (commonly known as Air Max TN)
Air Max Ltd – 2002
Air Max 2003
Air Max 2004
Air Max 360 – 2006
Air Max 180 – 2006
Air Max 360 – 2007
Air Max 180 II – 2008
Air Max Elite
Air Max 180 III – 2008
Air Max T-Zone – 2009
Air Max Skyline
Air Max 2009
Air Max 90 Current – 2009 (Redesign of the Air Max 90, with the most obvious change, the toe box)
Air Maxim – 2009 (Redesign of the Air Max 1, featuring Flywire or torch materials)
Air Max BW Gen II – 2010 (Redesign of the Air Max BW, featuring torch material)
Air Max 2010
Air Max Tailwind+ 2
Air Max Trainer 1
Air Max Trainer 1+ (Nike Air Max Trainer 1 with Flywire, toe strap, and 360 Air Max Technology)
Air Max Turbulence – 2010
Air Max 2011
Air Max 24/7
Air Max+ 2012
Air Max+ 2013

The 1993 model was the first to have the fully visible heel Air unit that was visible in the back as well as on the sides, and the 1995 model was the first to feature visible forefoot Air. The 1997 model was the first to include a full length Air bag.

Paul Smith – Premium Designer Menswear

Paul Smith JeansPersonal preference is of course key when it comes to your own take on fashion. We all, however old or young will have a preference in terms of our unique dress sense, even if we are not actually aware of it!

Well, this is an article which should hopefully allow you to either get a better understanding about which designers appeal best to you, or, if you are already a fan of the Paul Smith range, give you an idea about what’s on offer over at the much revered Mainline Menswear website.

So, without further ado, let’s take a sneaky peek at the kind of Paul Smith garments currently impressing folks over at Mainline Menswear right now. Well, with summer at an end, kind of, jeans are once again becoming a big seller and you cannot fault some of the cracking items in the Paul Smith range right now.

Take the Paul Smith Standard Fit Jeans in Dark Navy; a cracking, stylish addition to any wardrobe this month. As with all Paul Smith jeans, this pair available right now at Mainline Menswear is lovingly put together and promises much, including a lengthy lifespan alongside a stunning design and colour-scheme.

But, there are of course many more items to get your teeth into over at the Mainline Menswear website, even in the Paul Smith range of clothing.

You cannot ignore that the Mainline Menswear site is full of jeans and the like, but the Paul Smith range goes much further than trousers, of any make-up.

Paul Smith Zebra T-ShirtThere are some cracking t-shirts on offer right now at Mainline Menswear, shirts such as the much revered Paul Smith Jeans Regular Zebra T Shirt White. It sounds odd and it is a little in truth, but this helps make it even more impressive. Paul Smith is of course a label renowned for its sense of style and though this amazing t-shirt seems like a simple and impressive offering, there are some more intense choices available right now at Mainline Menswear, items such as the following.

Truly, this number is worth investigating further.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the Paul Smith Paisley Print Tailored Shirt in Navy, a truly impressive number. Paul Smith certainly deserve respect, but then so does the team behind the scenes at the Mainline Menswear site, a site which offers this stunning, wonderfully designed shirt.

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Superdry Clothing Set To Be Big In 2012

Superdry Advert Showing Full Extent of Superdry Clothing and Apparel

2012 is going to be make or break for some clothing brands, especially some of the smaller British ones, however this isn’t a problem at all for the SuperGroup owned clothing brand Superdry. While also boasting high street retailer Cult Clothing in its group Superdry is on the verge of becoming a massive brand in the UK, it simply needs that little extra push from the brand in the Beckham-esq era when he was snapped wearing the famous Osaka 6 t shirt and leather jacket. This early endorsement really kicked the brand off and set it on the road that it is experiencing today with its millions of pounds worth of turnover, and the more visual fact that you can’t turn a corner without seeing one of Superdrys technical jackets and windcheaters, of which around 1.5 million are sold every winter, so you can safely assume that well over two million jackets are sold every single year, making them one of the bigger selling items without even taking into account Superdry’s amazing clothing and apparel collections.

Men’s Superdry clothing is massive business at the moment and alongside the Cult Clothing website and Superdry’s own branded website you’ll find the brand on top retailers ASOS, Mainline Menswear, Very, Ark Clothing, Bank Fashion and many more in the UK. The one thing that stands out across these retailers are that they’re vary rarely having to cut the price of the brand, which more than likely means that they have very little to drop in price by the time the sale comes around so people must be snapping up the checked lumberjack shirts, branded hooded jumpers, graphical t shirts and other bits and pieces before the sale even comes around. So in 2012 why not join millions of men in the UK and support the fantastic Superdry clothing brand by grabbing their spring summer 2012 range quickly, or at least before your mates do!

While doing research for this post you can’t help but visit the Supergroup’s website, and from that you quickly realise that it is a business that is doing the business at the moment when you see their shareprices, growth of the group and just the general aura when talking about the Super dry clothing brand.

Superdry has already attained international recognition, being sold in approximately 85 countries and has enjoyed celebrity-generated publicity from the likes of David Beckham, Zac Efron and Helena Christensen, to name but a few.

Being sold in 85 countries is no mean feat for a British brand, so to be able to boast this alongside being associated with 3 massive names in terms of celebrity status and publicity Superdry really is being touted as one of the brands of the year, a year that should set the brand up for life.

Nathaniel Clyde Wearing a Superdry Gilet and Tee in Recent Store VisitSuperdry Technical Jacket Winter 2011 - BestsellerSuperdry Hoody with amazing detailed branding across the chestSuperdry Checked Blue Shirt with Superdry Crew Neck T Shirt and Chinos


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Penfield – Amazing Winter Coats, If The Snow Ever Comes?

Penfield Gilet and Knitted Jumper Autumn Winter 2011

I’ve talked about Penfield a few times, and marvelled at how popular it was last winter when there was snow on the ground, ice everywhere and reportedly one of the coldest Decembers for a long long time. Now, this is the weird bit, as the weather men in all their wisdom said at the time that it’d be even worse in 2011 and that the snow would come even earlier. We’re now one full day away from December and on the east coast we’ve barely seen any rain let alone a frost or some snow. Now this doesn’t affect the normal people as they can get to and from work and they’re not having to struggle in really bad conditions, but when you look at the retail space, especially online and see what offers are flying about you’re seeing many discounts off coats and jackets, footwear and knitwear and anything that is related to cold weather. This is the result of people buying in great ranges of coats and jackets and boots and expecting the country to be pretty much white over for the duration of November and December. We’re now just twenty six or so days away from Christmas and time is running out.

Anyway, back to where I started. Penfield pretty much sold out everywhere last winter such was the cold weather, however this year you can still pick up the amazing jackets and coats and if you’re lucky grab them discounted through an offer code. The Penfield Kasson and Stapleton jackets and coats are bestsellers already this winter even without the snow, so if you’re looking to update your winter wardrobe or you fancy a winter coat then grab them now, as once they’re in the sale its anyone’s guess as to what will be left! Penfield have also released a few select pieces of knitwear this season, that will never become unfashionable such is the classic and timeless design of the pieces. So, if you’re looking to wrap up warm this winter, and you’re wanting one of the best outerwear brands around then Penfield is for you. Its just your choice whether you gamble with the weather and the sale.

Penfield Kasson Jacket and Knitwear in Autumn Winter 2011 LookbookPenfield Padded Vest Gilet in Red with Chest Toggles

Seventy Eight Years of Classic Lacoste

The Lacoste legend was born in 1933, when René Lacoste revolutionized men’s fashion replacing the classical woven fabric, long-sleeved and starched shirts on the courts, with what has now become the classic Lacoste polo shirt. Seventy eight years after its creation, Lacoste has become a lifestyle brand which allies elegance and comfort. A world leader in every department Lacoste pushes boundaries with every new range but they never forget nor move away with the timeless classics. They devote as much attention to both new projects and classic designs and it shows with the new variations of the L1212 Caiman Polo Shirt.

The Lacoste Caiman L1212 Polo Shirt is a timeless classic icon created by Rene Lacoste and the must-have item for a stylish yet casual look. Whilst the original shape of the Lacoste Caiman L1212 Polo Shirt is relaxed, modern fashion has demanded fitted and ultra slim fit variations for a more modern tailored look with a contemporary touch

The Classic Caiman polo epitomizes Rene Lacoste’s legacy, with the original crocodile sewn into the chest and its embossed Lacoste pearlescent buttons. Other key design features include the ribbed collar, cuffs and a vented hem for breathability. Lacoste’s signature cotton pique fabric has mile upon mile of cotton placed within the material while the colour fastness and increased stability helps to quell shrinkage and abrasion. They really do care about their oldies!

This is why Lacoste is where they are today , not just because of their spectacular new ranges but the devotion in which they present them. True satisfaction awaits those who buy the polo shirts, clothing or footwear from the brand. You can shop for Lacoste clothing and footwear in a variety of places, including their own boutiques, online at Lacoste and at The Menswear Site where you can use code NOV10 for 10% off all November long!

Lacoste Caiman 1212 Pique Polo Shirt in WhiteLacoste Caiman 1212 Pique Polo Shirt in Noir BlackLacoste 1212 Caiman Pique Polo Shirt in Sky BlueLacoste 1212 Caiman Pique Polo Shirt in Khaki Grey

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Stone Island – Not Just For Football Fans!

Stone Island was created in 1982 but not as you would expect. Originally named ‘Chester Perry’ Stone Island came to pass when a jacket that did not fit the C.P. Company catalogue was created using a new fabric dubbed ‘Tela Stella’ (the burlap star). This consisted of a heavy lorry tarpaulin being put into a washing machine with water and pumice stone and washed for hours.

This ‘outcast’ set up a trend following their creation and 7 jackets were made using the same formula. Stone Island was born with a more nautical feel and a military twist and it set itself apart from its C.P Company counterparts. The name ‘Stone Island’ evoked a love for the sea as did the treatment used to create the garments.  The iconic label bears the Compass Rose and has been worn on every jacket like an insignia since that very first outcast.

This season sees a successful return for the titan of the industry. With their new range of jackets that really brings Stone Island into the new era. I am happy to show you a few places to buy quality Stone Island products.

Check out the 45309 jacket for example on the face of it, it seems a simple jacket but style in simplicity isn’t something to be knocked. The 45309 has fleece lining and it is weatherproof and is resin treated making water run-off it instead of soaking into you undergarments.

Or there is the extravagant 45644 Liquid Reflective jacket. This jacket has a fibreglass coated main, the technical lined hideaway hood is fleece lined and is also weatherproof, offering anyone complete comfort through the cold winter ahead, no worries. Not to mention how cool it looks.

There is plenty of Stone Island to sink your teeth into this season on The Menswear Site, don’t just take my word for it check it out yourself.

Don’t forget use NOV10 to get yourself 10% off all November long.

45644 Liquid Reflective Stone Island Jacket45644 Liquid Reflective Stone Island Jacket Alternate Shot45309 Blue Stone Island JacketStone Island Logo

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Denham Jeans and Clothing – Premium Dutch Designer Brand

Shots Showing Detailing of Fantastic Denham Jeans

In the spring and summer of 2009, around the same time that Liam Gallagher and Pretty Green were readying themselves for an all out assault on the fashion world Jason Denham and his expert team of denim enthusiasts and top designers were putting the finishing touches to their first ever clothing and jeans collection. Hailing from Amsterdam as a brand Jason Denham is a Yorkshire lad and was born in Leeds. The former head designer for another Dutch brand, Blue Blood, is affectionately titled ‘the jeansmaker’ within the fashion circles owing to his abilities with denim and a pair of scissors. Rumour has it that he once attended a trade show with a large range of straight leg and loose jeans when to his horror the night before he discovered that the local trend was to wear tapered jeans. In a panic he took a couple of pairs of jeans back to his hotel room and the following morning emerged with two pairs of Denham jeans samples that featured a tapered leg.  Most other denim companies or designers for that matter would have seriously struggled, yet Denham produced these two styles, and as luck would have it, one went on to become a bestseller.

When you look at the Denham brand you will feel one of two things. This first will occur if you have actually seen or handled the jeans and clothing. If you’re into your gear you’ll overly appreciate the knee darts, chambray waistband, five point pockets, square button stands, leather rivet saddles and beautiful denim. Trying the jeans and clothing on is an absolute dream with both seeming to fit a regular shape effortlessly with extra movement for those who are a little out of shape. You can also choose from a variety of denims including their basic denims, virgin denim which comes with instructions of how to care for the denim, and mould it to your lifestyle, and the high quality top dollar Japanese denim that will set you back a few hundred pounds but will last for an eternity. The other feeling should be one of regret for not finding the brand sooner, however you’re more likely to wonder what the designer name that charges a little bit more than its other Dutch counterparts G Star is. All I can say is that Denham is coming, and before long it will eclipse other brands and provide a premium denim brand that puts much more attention to detail into its jeans and clothing than its other more established rivals.

The entire Denham brand is really on trend with chinos and jeans available alongside chunky outdoor knitwear and an ever growing range of worker inspired clothing such as adjustable sleeve shirts in both cotton and denim, overcoats, blazers, t shirts and polo shirts and much more. Denham clothing and jeans just ooze quality and detail through design hence the brands famous tagline ‘The Truth Is In The Details’ as for anyone who has worn, or will ever wear Denham they will appreciate the little extras that the clothing obsessed designers have put together for them.

Denham Showroom LondonDenham 1st Edition Denim for SelectismLight Blue Denim Denham JeansLimited Edition Denham Indigo Jeans

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Luke 1977 Clothing and Knitwear – Perfect For Winter

Luke 1977 is possibly one of the hottest brands around at the moment (and this on the week the UK experiences a heat wave in September?!) and will be perfect for the autumn winter season that will be a definite British winter, and be extremely cold and snow filled. With this in mind the kind designers at Luke 1977 have made some of the best knitwear that i’ve seen from any brand this season. You’ll always find a classic looking Ralph Lauren zip top, or a few Hugo Boss cardigans or Lyle and Scott jumpers but Luke 1977 really have mastered the on trend chunky knitwear offering knitted hoodies, sweatshirts, button front cardigans, zip tops, jumpers, polo shirts and gilets. Every single piece carries the signature embroidered Luke 1977 logo on the front near the right shoulder and is instantly distinguishable from nearly every single other designer clothing brand that is performing well at the moment.

With layers or layering again a buzz word in the swift moving world of fashion the Luke 1977 knitwear is perfect for this, as it allows the fashion conscious male to wear the knitted jumpers, hoodies and zip tops underneath a winter coat, or on their own over a classic polo shirt, or checked shirt. Mix with chinos or jeans and a pair of boots and before long you’re really looking on trend. Luke 1977 has again been nominated for ‘young mens fashion brand of the year’ for 2011 after winning the Drapers award in 2010, so if the brand has a great winter, it could again walk away with the award, and improve and grow even further into 2012 and the future. This award might not mean much to the public, but is very prestigious within the fashion world, and is a great mark to see at what stage the brand is. Having not really being around for that long Luke 1977 is swiftly growing into being the best British brand in the UK and their iconic logo is fast becoming as popular, and instantly recognisable around the pubs, clubs, football grounds and terraces around Great Britain.

You can buy Luke 1977 clothing from most of the big independent retailers around the UK, and according to their ethos you won’t be able to find the brand in any multi-nationals so in theory you won’t find Luke 1977 in ASOS, USC, Republic or Bank but will find the brand at the independents of the country.

Luke 1977 Mario Knitted Cardigan in CreamLuke 1977 Benefitcheat Cardigan Khaki CloseupLuke 1977 Embroidered Lion Logo on ChestLuke 1977 Full Zip Grey Hooded Knitted Jumper

Massive Competition Not To Be Missed!

I’m not usually one for bringing you competitions or giveaways on Mens Designer Clothing Online, but this one I had to point out, as its not everyday that you can win an iPad 2 on a fashion retailers website! Mainline Menswear are offering their fans and visitors a chance to win this iPad 2 from their website and Facebook page, so I thought that seeing as they stock the majority of brands that I like to blog about, and wear on a day to day basis that i’d let everyone know about this competition, so that you can join, and have a browse at the fashion while you’re there!

The Apple iPad 2 competition is in conjunction with Henleys clothing, the Manchester fashion brand that seems to be going through somewhat of a change at the moment. A new logo, new retro designs and a whole change of their image seems to have been going on in the past few seasons, and you can only assume with the close of their retail stores that the popular British clothing brand is struggling somewhat, but every brand has experienced a slight blip, and I think that they may be able to pull it around, however their rivalry with other North Western brands Bench, Gio Goi and Voi has seen the market share that Henleys enjoyed so much decline quite rapidly over the past few years.

Everyone knows exactly what the iPad 2 is about so that really needs no introduction, so why not visit the Mainline Menswear Competition page now, enter the competition and while you’re there why not do a bit of shopping? Make sure you have entered before the 13th of October 2011 and be quick!


Mainline Menswear and Henleys Clothing iPad 2 Competition

Mainline Menswear

The tech specs of the Apple iPad 2 are as follows: Black 32gb version, which comes WI-FI enabled and can be set up to use 3G however the winner will have to sort their own data bundles and sim cards (if required), 185.7mm wide, 241.2mm long and 8.8mm thick, 9.7” backlit multi touch screen, 1GHz dual-core Apple A5, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip, Front and Back camera capturing photos and video, Connector dock, audio jack, built in speaker and microphone and all the usual gadgets, gizmos and functions of your usual Apple products. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, CLICK HERE to enter!

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