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Paul Smith – Premium Designer Menswear

Paul Smith JeansPersonal preference is of course key when it comes to your own take on fashion. We all, however old or young will have a preference in terms of our unique dress sense, even if we are not actually aware of it!

Well, this is an article which should hopefully allow you to either get a better understanding about which designers appeal best to you, or, if you are already a fan of the Paul Smith range, give you an idea about what’s on offer over at the much revered Mainline Menswear website.

So, without further ado, let’s take a sneaky peek at the kind of Paul Smith garments currently impressing folks over at Mainline Menswear right now. Well, with summer at an end, kind of, jeans are once again becoming a big seller and you cannot fault some of the cracking items in the Paul Smith range right now.

Take the Paul Smith Standard Fit Jeans in Dark Navy; a cracking, stylish addition to any wardrobe this month. As with all Paul Smith jeans, this pair available right now at Mainline Menswear is lovingly put together and promises much, including a lengthy lifespan alongside a stunning design and colour-scheme.

But, there are of course many more items to get your teeth into over at the Mainline Menswear website, even in the Paul Smith range of clothing.

You cannot ignore that the Mainline Menswear site is full of jeans and the like, but the Paul Smith range goes much further than trousers, of any make-up.

Paul Smith Zebra T-ShirtThere are some cracking t-shirts on offer right now at Mainline Menswear, shirts such as the much revered Paul Smith Jeans Regular Zebra T Shirt White. It sounds odd and it is a little in truth, but this helps make it even more impressive. Paul Smith is of course a label renowned for its sense of style and though this amazing t-shirt seems like a simple and impressive offering, there are some more intense choices available right now at Mainline Menswear, items such as the following.

Truly, this number is worth investigating further.

Yes, we are indeed talking about the Paul Smith Paisley Print Tailored Shirt in Navy, a truly impressive number. Paul Smith certainly deserve respect, but then so does the team behind the scenes at the Mainline Menswear site, a site which offers this stunning, wonderfully designed shirt.

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Superdry Clothing Set To Be Big In 2012

Superdry Advert Showing Full Extent of Superdry Clothing and Apparel

2012 is going to be make or break for some clothing brands, especially some of the smaller British ones, however this isn’t a problem at all for the SuperGroup owned clothing brand Superdry. While also boasting high street retailer Cult Clothing in its group Superdry is on the verge of becoming a massive brand in the UK, it simply needs that little extra push from the brand in the Beckham-esq era when he was snapped wearing the famous Osaka 6 t shirt and leather jacket. This early endorsement really kicked the brand off and set it on the road that it is experiencing today with its millions of pounds worth of turnover, and the more visual fact that you can’t turn a corner without seeing one of Superdrys technical jackets and windcheaters, of which around 1.5 million are sold every winter, so you can safely assume that well over two million jackets are sold every single year, making them one of the bigger selling items without even taking into account Superdry’s amazing clothing and apparel collections.

Men’s Superdry clothing is massive business at the moment and alongside the Cult Clothing website and Superdry’s own branded website you’ll find the brand on top retailers ASOS, Mainline Menswear, Very, Ark Clothing, Bank Fashion and many more in the UK. The one thing that stands out across these retailers are that they’re vary rarely having to cut the price of the brand, which more than likely means that they have very little to drop in price by the time the sale comes around so people must be snapping up the checked lumberjack shirts, branded hooded jumpers, graphical t shirts and other bits and pieces before the sale even comes around. So in 2012 why not join millions of men in the UK and support the fantastic Superdry clothing brand by grabbing their spring summer 2012 range quickly, or at least before your mates do!

While doing research for this post you can’t help but visit the Supergroup’s website, and from that you quickly realise that it is a business that is doing the business at the moment when you see their shareprices, growth of the group and just the general aura when talking about the Super dry clothing brand.

Superdry has already attained international recognition, being sold in approximately 85 countries and has enjoyed celebrity-generated publicity from the likes of David Beckham, Zac Efron and Helena Christensen, to name but a few.

Being sold in 85 countries is no mean feat for a British brand, so to be able to boast this alongside being associated with 3 massive names in terms of celebrity status and publicity Superdry really is being touted as one of the brands of the year, a year that should set the brand up for life.

Nathaniel Clyde Wearing a Superdry Gilet and Tee in Recent Store VisitSuperdry Technical Jacket Winter 2011 - BestsellerSuperdry Hoody with amazing detailed branding across the chestSuperdry Checked Blue Shirt with Superdry Crew Neck T Shirt and Chinos


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Luke 1977 Clothing and Knitwear – Perfect For Winter

Luke 1977 is possibly one of the hottest brands around at the moment (and this on the week the UK experiences a heat wave in September?!) and will be perfect for the autumn winter season that will be a definite British winter, and be extremely cold and snow filled. With this in mind the kind designers at Luke 1977 have made some of the best knitwear that i’ve seen from any brand this season. You’ll always find a classic looking Ralph Lauren zip top, or a few Hugo Boss cardigans or Lyle and Scott jumpers but Luke 1977 really have mastered the on trend chunky knitwear offering knitted hoodies, sweatshirts, button front cardigans, zip tops, jumpers, polo shirts and gilets. Every single piece carries the signature embroidered Luke 1977 logo on the front near the right shoulder and is instantly distinguishable from nearly every single other designer clothing brand that is performing well at the moment.

With layers or layering again a buzz word in the swift moving world of fashion the Luke 1977 knitwear is perfect for this, as it allows the fashion conscious male to wear the knitted jumpers, hoodies and zip tops underneath a winter coat, or on their own over a classic polo shirt, or checked shirt. Mix with chinos or jeans and a pair of boots and before long you’re really looking on trend. Luke 1977 has again been nominated for ‘young mens fashion brand of the year’ for 2011 after winning the Drapers award in 2010, so if the brand has a great winter, it could again walk away with the award, and improve and grow even further into 2012 and the future. This award might not mean much to the public, but is very prestigious within the fashion world, and is a great mark to see at what stage the brand is. Having not really being around for that long Luke 1977 is swiftly growing into being the best British brand in the UK and their iconic logo is fast becoming as popular, and instantly recognisable around the pubs, clubs, football grounds and terraces around Great Britain.

You can buy Luke 1977 clothing from most of the big independent retailers around the UK, and according to their ethos you won’t be able to find the brand in any multi-nationals so in theory you won’t find Luke 1977 in ASOS, USC, Republic or Bank but will find the brand at the independents of the country.

Luke 1977 Mario Knitted Cardigan in CreamLuke 1977 Benefitcheat Cardigan Khaki CloseupLuke 1977 Embroidered Lion Logo on ChestLuke 1977 Full Zip Grey Hooded Knitted Jumper

Massive Competition Not To Be Missed!

I’m not usually one for bringing you competitions or giveaways on Mens Designer Clothing Online, but this one I had to point out, as its not everyday that you can win an iPad 2 on a fashion retailers website! Mainline Menswear are offering their fans and visitors a chance to win this iPad 2 from their website and Facebook page, so I thought that seeing as they stock the majority of brands that I like to blog about, and wear on a day to day basis that i’d let everyone know about this competition, so that you can join, and have a browse at the fashion while you’re there!

The Apple iPad 2 competition is in conjunction with Henleys clothing, the Manchester fashion brand that seems to be going through somewhat of a change at the moment. A new logo, new retro designs and a whole change of their image seems to have been going on in the past few seasons, and you can only assume with the close of their retail stores that the popular British clothing brand is struggling somewhat, but every brand has experienced a slight blip, and I think that they may be able to pull it around, however their rivalry with other North Western brands Bench, Gio Goi and Voi has seen the market share that Henleys enjoyed so much decline quite rapidly over the past few years.

Everyone knows exactly what the iPad 2 is about so that really needs no introduction, so why not visit the Mainline Menswear Competition page now, enter the competition and while you’re there why not do a bit of shopping? Make sure you have entered before the 13th of October 2011 and be quick!


Mainline Menswear and Henleys Clothing iPad 2 Competition

Mainline Menswear

The tech specs of the Apple iPad 2 are as follows: Black 32gb version, which comes WI-FI enabled and can be set up to use 3G however the winner will have to sort their own data bundles and sim cards (if required), 185.7mm wide, 241.2mm long and 8.8mm thick, 9.7” backlit multi touch screen, 1GHz dual-core Apple A5, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip, Front and Back camera capturing photos and video, Connector dock, audio jack, built in speaker and microphone and all the usual gadgets, gizmos and functions of your usual Apple products. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, CLICK HERE to enter!

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New autumn/winter 2011 Green Label collection from Pretty Green

The kind folks at Pretty Green have sent us a couple of products to showcase, their favourites can be found below. Liam Gallagher’s clothing label Pretty Green is fast becoming a must have brand for the fashion conscious. The new additions to the Green Label collection are certainly living up to their hype and are set to be hugely popular this season. Here are some of our favourites…

Back by popular demand, the Fur Trim Hooded Parka (£255.00) is an eagerly awaiting addition to the Pretty Green autumn / winter collection. This popular military style winter parka is perfect to wrap up on colder days; however the fur lining is detachable making it versatile. The deep coffee colour also makes it easy to wear with any outfit; it’s an investment which will last you for winters to come. Also available in black.





This Stone Hooded Walker Jacket (£145.00) will provide comfort and style whilst out and about this autumn whatever the weather throws at you. It’s chic simple yet practical and the neutral colours make it super versatile. It features a zip through front with an embossed Pretty Green zip puller, and is finished with a signature Pretty Green chest badge. Also available in navy, black or khaki.





This Indigo Shawl Collar Denim Jacket (£125.00) is set to be a firm favourite this season, with the right combination of casual yet smart; the style will take you perfectly from late summer through to autumn. The shawl collar adds a touch of sophistication to this richly dyed indigo denim jacket and it features the trademark Pretty green embossed buttons. Also available in black.





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Fred Perry – The Very British Winter Must Have

Fred Perry Autumn Winter Key Style Advert

In March we brought you a review of Fred Perry for spring summer 2011, looking at the brand, the history and what was hot for the season. Well six months have passed and we’re again faced with a new seasonal collection of Fred Perry clothes and a whole host of new polo shirts, knitwear, jackets, shirts and footwear. Well when i say new, i mean new for this year. As the current ‘outdoor’ trend has really hit home this winter I can see quite a few styles that made appearances last year, either the same or in a very similar guise. The Fred Perry Mountain Parka was a great seller across a couple of the online retailers last year, and i know that i for one struggled with finding one in my local shops. The jacket is a cross between a parka and a mac and is available in black or hunters green and features some amazing details such as a full large button front, large pouch pockets and a leather toggle drawstring hood as well as the iconic Fred Perry laurel logo on a leather patch on the chest. Another similar piece can be seen below, with the grey shawl neck sweatshirt material cardigan. Perfect for that casual look this winter this piece was again a great seller over the cold period in 2010 and will undoubtedly again be a must have piece of Fred Perry clothing.

Fred Perry is growing season by season and is slowly returning to the size that it was in Britain in the 60s and 70s. A new generation of fashionable classic looking lads have adopted the brand and are thriving on the indie music image that it has created for itself. The top button done up is a firm must for true Fred Perry wearers, however if that isn’t your style you’ll still look spot on in any of this seasons polo shirts or shirts. The knitwear is not to be missed as the lambswool cardigans, knitted polo shirts and bomber jackets, shawl neck jumpers and cardigans and the slightly more casual sports range of track tops and sweatshirt fabric jumpers and zip tops will also go down a treat. Inspired by sports, fashion and the heritage that it has enjoyed over the past sixty or so years Fred Perry will be a great competition for Lyle and Scott this winter, and i personally believe will be the number one name on everyones lips when they go winter clothes shopping in the next few months. Warmth within fashion is the key this winter (as its set to be a cold one) so why not track down your local Fred Perry retailer, or visit some amazing online websites and enjoy the huge range that is popping up online everywhere?

Fred Perry Knitted Shawl Neck Cardigan in BlackFred Perry Blue Quilted Gilet and Knitted JumperFred Perry Wax Harrington Jacket in BlackFred Perry Cotton Sweatshirt Fabric Shawl Neck Cardigan Grey

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Gloverall Duffle Coats – Englands Finest

Khaki Brown and Navy Blue Gloverall Duffle Coats

It may be a little early to start looking at coats for the winter, but forwarned is forarmed and failing to prepare is preparing to fail (and other worldly wise sayings) so with a cold winter on the horizon I thought i’d bring you one of the best British coat brands currently available. Gloverall coats have been around since the end of World War 2 and have consistently been one of the duffle coat brands to have over the years. Full of experience, British pride and duffle coat knowledge Gloverall are head and shoulders above any other brand that has tried to copy their individual style.

The Gloverall brand was set up after the war when a couple began selling the surplus army and navy duffle coats. Demand was so big that they soon began producing their own duffle coats, made from a material found in a small Belgian town called Duffel. Pre war the first designs were made of this thick, wiry material with rope and horn fastenings were added to ensure the coat was easy to take off and do up while wearing gloves and it soo became the militaries overcoat of choice. Jump back to post war and the same designs were being made by hand in British factories post war, setting a trend with the coats that would sweep the whole of Great Britain. Over the years the design hasn’t changed, however the materials used have. Horn toggles have been replaced by plastic or wooden toggles and the material from duffel is now a cotton and wool mixture that is much easier to source and produce. These things may have changed, but the original designs never have, and better still every single Gloverall coat is made in the UK, in British factories, keeping the British clothing and fashion trade alive.

So this winter with a cold one expected the duffle coat will be a great choice to throw ontop of some chunky knitwear, dark jeans or chinos and some boots, leaving you ready for snow, wind, rain and hail. Similarly if you’re looking for that styling, but only in an autumnal thickness have a look at the canvas and nylon designs that were launched this summer. Slightly cheaper and much thinner these are great alternatives for the early autumn and will keep you dry from the occasional shower.

Red Gloverall Duffle Coat Beige Chinos and Blue BootsGloverall Duffle Coats - Made In London EnglandGloverall Mens Duffle Coats Advert

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Henri Lloyd Jeans Co – Brand New Autumn Winter 11 Lookbook

Henri Lloyd Jeans Co Rayley Reversible Gilet

In the past week my inbox has been flooded with brands offering their autumn winter 2011 key trends, looks and styles and just as a special treat for my readers I have picked what I feel to be the best autumn winter look, and better still its been created by a very British designer name, and a growing sub-brand withing their global collections. Henri Lloyd Jeans Co has been available for a couple of years now, and is really doing well at bringing Henri Lloyd to the younger market while keeping a close relationship with their mainline brand Henri Lloyd. Having a sailing heritage the brand has seen worse conditions than the snow that is set to hit us again this December, so their outerwear is a must have if you’re wanting something warm, fashionable and British. In particular I absolutely love the Blakey jacket, as seen below. The jacket is navy blue with blue panels, large pouch pockets, drawstring hood, full button and zip front with a metal clasp near the neck and Henri Lloyd brand detailing on the buttons and left sleeve. The jacket also sticks with its sailing and naval heritage with buoyancy loops around the hem. Paired with a thick knitted jumper, dark jeans or beige chinos and brown boots, preferably with a white vibram sole, you have there the key look for autumn winter 2011.

If its cold but not quite blowing a gale then you might want to check out the Henri Lloyd Jeans Co gilets, the bright yellow might not be your thing but going forward this is going to be a massive colour, but other color pallets will be available. Pair your padded or quilted gilet with a hooded jumper or some think knitwear and it will keep you warm while you look good this winter. As you can see from the picture above its a thick gilet with a beautiful blue shawl neck cardigan with a pair of beige chinos and boots for that sunny but chilly autumn day. Once you’ve stepped out of the cold weather this winter you can shed the outer layer and be comfortable and warm in some amazing Henri Lloyd Jeans Co knitwear and jumpers, with plenty set to be available this year. The Nathan full zip, knitted hooded jumper is set to be one of the big must haves this season, with colourful designs running across the chest and the branding on a small brown leather square on the hem of the jumper. You can wear alone or mix with the gilet or a glove, hat and scarf set to stay super warm. And last but by no means least is the chunky nautical knitted Drew cardigan, complete with sailing boats design across the back, thick ribbed collar and elbow patches. Lambswool mix material and super thick the cardigan even has leather patches on the elbows, so is one of the most on trend cardigans around at the moment.

Henri Lloyd Jeans Blakely Jacket and OutfitHenri Lloyd Jeans Blakely Jacket Front OnHenri Lloyd Jeans Drew Chunky Knit CardiganHenri Lloyd Jeans Co Nathan Hooded Zip Top

So there you have it, the superb range of autumn winter 2011 clothing from Henri Lloyd Jeans Co, full of outwear, knitwear and nautical fashion, this is one of the best and most on trend winter ranges i’ve seen so far and is well worth a vist! If you’re still undecided Henri Lloyd Jeans Co get their inspiration from…

HL Jeans Co maintains the brand’s determination to provide focused and trend led collections. Taking its influence from music, art, sophisticated streetwear, the catwalk and heritage archives, yet maintaining the brand’s link to Henri Lloyd’s ‘true to the sea’ legacy as it continues to build momentum each season. This has created a brand synergy that enables HL Jeans Co to pioneer a heritage rich collection for the youthful, modern man.

So if you think that you fit, or want to fit the above then give the HL Jeans Co range ago, you definitely won’t regret it, and all at Mens Designer Clothing Online recommend it.

Marshall Artist – Classic Collection of Modern Tailoring

Marshall Artist Autumn 2011 Key Looks - Outdoor and Stylish

Possibly one of the newest brands to be brought to my attention is Marshall Artist or MA for short. Founded in 2000 it has managed to pass me by for the last eleven years, and if i’m honest i’m pretty gutted that it has, as it appears to be right up my street. Much like Criminal Damage they have taken winning designs for the season and added their own unique twist to the styles. Adding toggles, knited designs, quilted panels and this seasons must have chinos to their range has brought the brand to the forefront of fashion. Some of the key brands of the last two years have had their time in the limelight now, the big boys will continue to be the big boys and the new up and coming names will grab their time in the shop window, and make a case for being one of the most on trend, stylish and accessable brands currently available in the UK. Marshall Artist is an Anglo-Austrian designer mens clothing brand that is really starting to make a name for itself in the fashion world, and is enjoying utilising its Vietnamese factories (don’t worry, its fully certified) to produce the superb designs that the team think up, at a fairly low price for designer clothing. Very Luke 1977 esq in its price and market Marshall Artist is one of those brands that is bang on the times, but has that little bit of something about it that means it may be compared to other designer names, but can’t really ever be accused of copying them.

Such is the interest and excitement around the brand at the moment expect it to appear in many more places than it currently resides. Some of the really big retailers and online websites are sure to pick this up if they haven’t already, so if you’re looking for that new brand to adorn your wardrobe, but you’re not sure where to look then make sure that you pay a visit to anywhere stocking Marshall Artist. I think I might just promote this new brand until i’m blue in the face its that good!

Marshall Artist Autumn Winter Lookbook - Shirt, Chinos and Jeans and Boots LookMr Midas wearing Marshall Artist leather sleeved jacketMarshall Artist Autumn Winter 2011 Style - Jumper, Shirt, Jeans and BootsMarshall Artist Grey Hooded JumperMarshall Artist Nautical Jacket Navy Blue

Umbro – Bringing The New York Cosmos Back To Life

Newly Launched New York Cosmos Blackout Range by Umbro

Roughly four months ago there was a much hyped launch of the newly designed New York Cosmos merchandise and replica kit that would hopefully see the team join the 2012 MLS and would use characters such as former players Pele and Carlos Alberto, Eric Cantona and Cobi Jones to help relaunch the franchise that performed so well in the 70s. Reigniting people’s interest in the team would bring a much needed focus back to the MLS, experienced before when David Beckham signed for the LA Galaxy, and hopefully again raise the level of the game. Tireless campaigning alongside the merchandise launch is bringing this dream closer to reality, but also serving as an extra purpose for the lucky design team at Umbro – it’s again raising the profile of the British sports brand and ensuring that it further nudges into the designer sportswear market that is currently being dominated by the Germans and Americans, Adidas Originals and Nike.

Umbro has dropped off in recent years, losing a number of the top sponsorship deals in football that it once made its own Umbro is now redeveloping its ranges and offering a smarter, tailored approach to football. Their most obvious example being the recent England football shirts that have been tailored by Umbro’s design team. Its just a pity that the team couldn’t match up to the effort put into the shirts, but thats a debate for the pub. The New York Cosmos range appeared in March and now in July the ‘blackout’ range is beginning to make it big in the fashion world, appearing in adverts in FHM and GQ. Inspired by the blackout in New York in the summer of 77 the blackout range is purely that, the same fantastic designs as before, but completely blacked out – black Umbro logo, black New York Cosmos badge seriously black all over. This range offer a very unique selling point, appealing to the fashion led men in the UK and USA who maybe don’t want to be seen in the white, green and navy blue of The Cosmos. The new Umbro range can be found at a wide variety of retailers, and the New York Cosmos will be coming to a screen near you soon when they take on Manchester United for Paul Scholes’ testimonial match. So why not enjoy a quality piece of British tailoring, for a top British sportswear brand?

New York Cosmos Merchandise by Umbro Tailoring